Our Platform

We offer state of the art learning management platform which is SCORM compliant (an E-Learning Industry Standard). Our solution is internationally recognized with large corporate clients.

We offer cloud based solutions which are recommended for small to mid-sized enterprises up to 2000 users.  We also offer an Enterprise solution which is scalable up to 200,000 users.

Educational clients: The platform is built for an educational market and is utilized by large universities internationally.

Corporate Client: The solution is used currently by large enterprises for their staff training and development programs.

With all our solutions we offer:

  • Customized look and feel according to your corporate identity
  • 24/7 helpdesk through state of the art e-ticketing system
  • Scalable solution up to 200,000 users
  • Unlimited course uploads and views
  • Training
  • Integration with LDAP, SharePoint, Salesforce and more

What are the BENEFITS?

  • Reduce your training costs with less travel expenses by deploying your training online with a click of a mouse
  • Achieve faster training implementation
  • Track your participants activities in Real-Time
  • Readily available online Certification of learning activities are

Who is using our Solutions

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