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How are we different from our competition?

Our newest methodology brings your website to prod faster helping you reach your customers faster!

New way of building the websites:

We employ Agile methodology and build iteratively which allows changing customer and market environments to be captured in iterative sprints unlike

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Old Way of building Websites:

Old ways that were front heavy and created the end product that were outdated by the time they were developed

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Why time to market is important?

Studies show that it is important to be in the market sooner with a minimal functioning product (MVP) and then continuously adding features in smaller chunks! So our methodology is to build small features (iterations) but have more iterations over time. This method works better than spending heavy time upfront in gathering requirements and a long build process.

The benefits of smaller features deployed had dual benefits. first benefit is that you launch your presence in the market sooner. Second benefit is that you learn and grow from your first launch. Therefore the innovation continues and it keeps you in the market longer and ahead of your competition who maybe having static presence.

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Our Methodology

We use Agile Methodology in website development. It allows us to have iterations and continuous development.

Requirements are captured in a tool such as Jira in the form of User Stories (smaller chunks of work), several user stories add up to a Feature (Medium chunk of work) and a set of Features add up to an Epic (Large chunk of work). A set of Epics becomes the complete project.


Our process starts with an initial meeting (in-person or via Zoom, Webex or another conferencing bridge) with the principal stakeholder (business owner, proprietor, individual), to understand the requirements. Understanding the goals and objectives for building the website, we provide relevant solutions. During the subsequent meetings, the requirements


Each website is unique. That is why we build customized websites that are right for your business. Business owners or individuals wanting to build their online presence go through a process that guides in selecting the right elements for their design, functionality and development platforms. By going though these steps upfront, there are less changes later on and higher acceptance rate is achieved.


We start with wireframing initially. Once the wireframing is finalized, we move on to creating the mockups designs in Adobe Suites. The design process is an important step towards a successful implementation. Therefore, we take care in finalizing the design regardless of the iterations it may take. Once the design is finished, we hand it off to our development team.


The development process based on an Agile methodology takes on the sprints to complete the tasks. Small features are built during each sprint but more frequently sprints allowing continuous development.


Testing is an important stage of the project. While we do the unit testing after each sprint (testing what has been developed in each sprint0 adhering to the testing strategy, we employ user acceptance testing (UAT) after a number of sprints (a Release) to get the feedback from our clients before the deployment. Any issues arising during the UAT stage are fixed before the website is deployed into production.


Developed website is deployed to the production site upon approval from the client. Final verification is done in the production (live) environment to ensure all the functionality is working as designed and developed.


Website maintenance is essential for keeping your website functioning smoothly and up to date. It involves a range of tasks that ensure your website remains secure, optimized, and user-friendly

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We specialize in creating Integrations of websites with external systems including:


Integration with Salesforce for email to case, email to leads and synching data between the website and Salesforce CRM.


Integration with Mailchimp for email marketing and contact management


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